Hi There!

Why choose me for your website?

In 2017, I began my journey into website work.  I supported a charity I volunteered for with uploading a couple of bits of content. Ironically, I didn’t see the non-coded part of what I was doing so this was a fast and difficult introduction to how to do things!  It taught me a lot.

In the years since I have built my own websites and much of my learning has occurred with volunteer roles.  As a volunteer I have:

  • Updated content on websites
  • Developed and implemented membership systems in websites
  • Developed and launched education (LMS) websites
  • Increased SEO of websites
  • Dealt with and recovered critical issues of websites
  • Moved websites to new hosts and domain management
  • Provided design and imagery for websites
  • Created adverts
  • Made content for large online communities and selling of products in relation to that.
  • Much more!

I feel able to do simple coding and design and am well able and used to doing research and reading into working out how to get a job done.

Working as a lactation professional myself aids itself to having learnt first hand what to be mindful of when it comes to content for all aspects of lactation promotion.

I have multiple pages on social media platforms an am admin in many large groups which has taught me a great deal.

This world of web and design has been born from my deeply ingrained desire to support people to breastfeed.  I want to specifically do this for lactation professionals for a number of reasons;

  • I have limited capacity and deeply enjoy my work as an IBCLC
  • I have a lifelong want to support people to breastfeed who want to do so, designing websites and designing things for lactation professionals aids to the public accessing support more easily and that mattes to me.
  • Furthermore, I have extensive experience and training in lactation and this can be extremely useful for those seeking my services new to the industry.

So that’s about me.  If you want to learn more about me or my family and breastfeeding background take a look at my professional IBCLC website https://www.theboobladyibclc.com/about/

A unique thing about me is I am dyslexic, this means I will often think around problems differently and uniquely, and I find it’s been a very useful tool with my work even if it does mean things aren’t always grammatically correct! I’m not a proofreader for your work, if you want that you will need to employ one yourself!

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